Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Quick Update on my Affairs

Hey all!

So this is more or less a pretty short post; just gonna recount real quick my recent in-game adventures and share a couple screenshots. My take on the current Test Realm updates, as well as the new houses (which I only explored for the first time Wednesday) should be forthcoming. There is also that special surprise which I promised at the end of my last post; I've been indecisive about when to put that up, but more and more eager to do so over the past few days.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, I finally finished Wintertusk, defeating the Sons of Ymir in Nastrond in a battle which was actually much easier than my friends and I expected. Their cheats were little to sneeze at; only one of them (can't remember which) gave us trouble, with his 90% tower shield. Of course, chain hitting him with seven and eight-pip spells soon solved that problem. The fact that I could effectively hit for the first time (due to the fact that everything prior was Ice, and I'd had bad luck with prisms) and that I actually succeeded in tanking (whereas in the previous battles I had been somewhat distracted by a funny show on TV) helped as well.

I've also been doing a lot of work on badges recently; I added to my every outstanding creature badge I have right now, aside from the ones for Ninja Pigs, Draconians, and Samoorai, and I plan to complete Blood of the Giants, as well as my first Plant badge, later this evening, followed by adding enough to my first Goblin badge and a Bear badge to complete those on Monday. (I get bored after defeating ten to twelve of any one creature; I have twenty left Bears and twenty Goblins left.) I'll probably add to Shark Jumper as well, although I still have a while to go before completing that. I've really enjoyed rediscovering Celestia recently; now that I no longer have quests there, I am finding it easier to stop and enjoy the scenery.

A few pictures from my adventure in Nastrond:

I've been meaning to get a good shot of Grandmother Raven.
 In addition, my tribute to Autumn Duskhunter- an unharvested elder dandelion, as requested by her.

How fitting that I should be able to set that up in the Mausoleum of the Death House which I won from Autumn's House-a-Palooza contest. Of course, a "Tenure for Dworgyn" slogan will be going up somewhere in that vicinity once the signs go live. Autumn is certainly missed; a little over month on, I'm still getting used to not routinely checking Homework. However, I am glad that the spirit of HiaG easily lives on in myself and in my fellow Community bloggers.

I still get the Wizard101 version of "Safety Dance" stuck in my head from time to time :)

Until next time, Ponder on!